|ROOM FOR KUNST was created to provide holistic design services, support and advise to artists, and curators, as a way of exchanging knowledge, bonds and contexts from Latin America, the Caribbean region and Europe.

We value the strength of the collective mind, believing that genuine creativity and innovation come from joint collaboration. We build bridges within the worlds of Art & Design, by conceiving  artistic practices and aesthetic thought under a unifying perspective that connects multiple areas of production.

We focus on design, photography, writing and curating with the aim of helping artists and colleagues of these regions, to promote and exhibit their works, as well as fostering new connections.

We help bring projects to life by incorporating diverse cultural and social backgrounds. We expand access and distribution of artistic education resources despite location, in order to enrich the practices of the clients we collaborate with.

We’ve worked with artists, designers, galleries and curators of Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Paris, Puerto Rico, New York, Oslo, London, Bogotá, Montevideo, Cochabamba, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile + more.

|ROOM FOR KUNST was founded by Curator Laeticia Mello on April 2016.